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24 Hour Cafe Chat Rules!


This site was made to serve two purposes. First of all, for users to read the rules of the chatroom and two, for everyone who is a "fan" of the chat to be able to come here and get news. In joining this chatroom, we expect you have read and agreed to the rules. If you don't and make a mistake, you will be kicked out and banned until the next day...NO EXCUSE! If this process keeps repeating, you will then be banned so please follow our rules.


**********DO NOT BEG FOR OPS**************


The operator status is earned and you will NOT get it by begging or emailing me. Only email with questions or reports. Any questions asked about ops will be trashed!! Now read our rules, follow them, and enjoy your chat :)


Rules To Follow

Rules :

1. No, and absolutely NO disrespecting the operators..we may be strict but we want to make our chatrooms fun and safe at the same time thanks.

2. No  threats

3. Don't act like an IRC Operator wannabe! That's not gonna earn you any access.

4. Starting fights is not allowed!!

5. You cannot be in sex channels and this channel at the same time

6.  No perverts, please

7. Spambots NOT allowed!

8. No harassing

8. Do not mock the owner (I work hard for this chat and your rude comments will not be forgiven:)

9. Flooding not allowed (its annoying)

10. Now don't act like a moron with those caps..once or twice is okay but if this repeats, it will result in a BAN!

11. Repeating is not allowed,,!!

12. SPEAK ENGLISH..we need to understand what the hell you are saying. If you don't speak the language, please go join a channel that will fit your language.


We also have a trivia bot in our channel. Not there 24 Hours btw :

Q & A

1. What if the bot is there, but the game isn't on?

Type !trivon and to turn off, type !trivoff

2. How do I see the list of top players?

Type !top and you will get  a pm with the list.

3. How do i get hints?

The bot usually gives you 50 percent of hints or someimes a full answer. To get more hints, type !hint

4. Where can I download a similar Trivia Bot?

Not gonna tell you where I got this one, but you'll most likely be able to find it on Google search.

5. Help! I want to join your channel, but I don't know where the channel is.

#24HourCafe lives on Dalnet, dear.





Grand Opening

24HourCafe has opened and is reading for chatting!

Please check back here next time for more news!